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Stop wondering what to listen to when you design and code

In today’s post, I’m sharing the resources I’ve curated from our students in the Web Designer Strategy Academy course. This is really about the most effective audio that will elevate your work habits and not distract you from accomplishing your goals. There is a ton of research out there suggesting what works and what doesn't… Read More

How to approach someone with a terrible website (and not crush their feelings)

I can't tell you how many times I've been at a networking event and I get to know several of the women who share with me what a struggle it is to find clients. The first thing I do is check out their online presence. And I usually discover quite quickly that a big part… Read More

How to Build a Strong Connection With Your Audience – the Right Way to Use Automation Sequences

You’ve set up a MailChimp form to capture emails on your website or coming soon page, and maybe you have even created an opt-in freebie to attract your ideal clients to sign up. They confirm they want to be on your email list and receive your freebie or thank you email. And then… crickets. They… Read More

The Biggest Mistake You Might Be Making In Your Automation Sequences

** I wrote this love letter to those of you who might have made this mistake yourselves and even for those of us who allow our clients to fall into the same trap. **   Dear beautiful creative soul, Have you wondered why I recently unsubscribed? I landed on your gorgeous website and read it… Read More

Do I Need an Author Box for my Blog Posts?

You understand the commitment and even have an editorial calendar in place. (Go, you!) You’ve think set up your blog post page to look and feel inviting, function intuitively, and attract your ideal clients. Then you notice an author box at the bottom of your favorite blogger’s last post. In a word, yes. Sure, some… Read More

Stop Wondering How to Describe Your Client’s Brand – Download Our Ultimate List of Brand Descriptors

As a web designer, after you’ve received your completed discovery intake questionnaire (whatever that looks like for you!), the next logical step involves you taking all that information, assimilating it, and formulating a creative brief that you can then test out with your clients to see how close your creativity and their vision really are… Read More

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