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Contact forms not landing in your inbox? Grab this fix.

By Krista Smith | March 27, 2018
Contact forms not landing in your inbox? Grab this Fix from Krista Smith at WebDesignerBeautySchool.com

How many times have you been frustrated that your contact forms are not landing in your inbox? Or worse yet, your client’s gorgeous new website is not routing any of her forms to her inbox. She’s missing leads, opportunities, and business. Your reputation is on the line. We’ve all been there. The biggest reason why…

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Join our Web Design Tech Lab, Today!

By Krista Smith | March 19, 2018
Join the Web Design Tech Lab run by Katy Martin and Krista Smith

We’ve recently opened up a free community on Facebook called Web Design Tech Lab. We’d love to have you join the conversation. The Web Design Tech Lab is a super supportive community of creative entrepreneurs led by Katy Martin and Krista Smith. This is the go-to-place that will help you make decisions on the tech…

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Three Places You Need to Confidently Locate When Using Beaver Builder

By Krista Smith | September 12, 2017
Three Areas You Need to Know About When Building Websites with Beaver Builder by Krista Smith at WebDesignerBeautySchool.com

In today’s post, I’m sharing three areas that you will need to know intimately if you’re going to use the Beaver Builder Theme and Plugin to build websites. I’m going to get right to the bottom line here and save you the time of googling around to find the places where you need to add…

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