How fast do you want your web pages to load? And how to speed them up…

By Katy Martin / November 4, 2016
How fast do you want your web pages to load? And how do you speed them up once & for all... Website speed article on webdesignerbeautyschool.com

I recently had a client contact me with concerns about the speed of her website. She had personally been feeling that her site was slow, and had also received some comments from her clients about the issue. It’s important not to dismiss these feelings and feedback because site speed is extremely important, especially when people…

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The Right Discovery Questionnaire Will Transform Your Website Design Business

By Katy Martin / October 20, 2016
The Right Discovery Questionnaire Will Transform Your Website Design Business. Download the ultimate list of discovery questions for your website design and development projects...

Let’s talk about your client on-boarding process, specifically a discovery questionnaire. Firstly, what is a discovery questionnaire? Simply put, it’s the questions you ask your clients – via your website and/or in person – to learn all about their project. So often we all rush through this getting-to-know-you phase of a website design and/or development…

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We’re thrilled to introduce you our students Janet Hoover & Stefani Harris

By Krista Smith / October 13, 2016
Student Spotlight on The Essential Website

Today we’re introducing you to two of our students, Janet Hoover and Stefani Harris who have combined web forces to bring The Essential Website to the world. I had the pleasure of chatting with the duo over Zoom a couple of weeks ago. In today’s audio, you’ll discover: how they went from online friends to business…

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Free Plugins to Optimize Your Website for Lead Capture Conversion

By Katy Martin / October 6, 2016
Wen Designer Beauty School post: Free Plugins to Optimize Your Website for Lead Capture Conversion... (Featuring SumoMe, Nathalie Lussier's PopUp Ally, ithemes Boombar, HelloBar, Gravity Forms and more...

When I was researching and planning this post, I rediscovered a lead capture guide I had downloaded from CoSchedule, the social media management tool. The guide reminded me why the Web Designer Beauty School, and especially the Support School, exist. So often we download these incredibly valuable documents only to end up with our head…

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How to Make a Page on Your Website that You Can Drive your Instagram Traffic to

By Krista Smith / September 28, 2016
How to automate a gallery of your instagram posts to drive traffic to your website via Krista Smith at WebDesignerBeautySchool.co

One of the biggest reasons we LOVE + teach the Thesis Framework for WordPress is its flexibility. I don’t know about you but I’ve been completely inspired by my Instagram feed lately. I’m finding so many great people to follow and connect with. One of the things that frustrates me is when I land on…

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Looking for a CSS Cheat Sheet? Get yours HERE!

By Krista Smith / September 21, 2016
CSS Cheatsheet and Handy Rules Desktop Background via WebDesignerBeautySchool.com

We noticed there were some people looking for some support in the form of a cheat sheet for CSS combing the interwebs. Here at Web Designer Beauty School Katy created this incredible wallpaper with a bunch of rules we reference all the time. If you’d like your own copy, you can instantly download this file and…

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The Missing Link to Successful & Easy MailChimp Campaigns

By Katy Martin / September 13, 2016
The Missing Link to Successful & Easy MailChimp Campaigns - a tutorial by Katy Martin of Web Designer Beauty School

When it comes to managing lists and subscribers in MailChimp, you’ll find varying opinions. But for ease and success, I use Gravity Forms to turn MailChimp into the power tool I’m looking for. From basic opt-in sequences to some pretty sophisticated options like starting courses at varying times, MailChimp can do what you need it…

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How to Put Your Opt-in on Autopilot

By Katy Martin / September 12, 2016
How to Put Your Opt-in on Autopilot Once and for All! (Using Wordpress + Gravity Forms + MailChimp) - a Web Designer Beauty School how-to article...

You know you need an opt-in offer to help build your list and generate interest in your paid services, courses, or products. You’re going to set your Mailchimp list to deliver it. But how do you deliver the darn thing? Setting up an opt-in sequence in MailChimp isn’t too hard. But people tend to get…

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How to Teach Your Clients to Give You Clear and Effective Feedback

By Krista Smith / September 7, 2016
How to Teach Your Clients to Give you Clear & Effective Feedback via Krista Smith at WebDesignerBeautySchool.com

Let me know if this sounds familiar: “It doesn’t feel very professional.” “I was hoping it’d be less frou frou.” “I think there is something wrong with the text. It’s in Spanish or Italian or something.” Or my personal favorite, “I think it needs more punch or zing. You know what I mean, right?” Client…

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5 Surprising Gravity Form Hacks that Save You $960+/year

By Katy Martin / August 30, 2016
5 Surprising Gravity Form Hacks that Save You $960+/year... (WebDesignerBeautySchool.com Blog)

At the Web Designer Beauty School, we’re not just about learning to code beautiful, custom WordPress websites. We’re all about running beautiful little businesses too. That’s why today I want to talk to you about one of my favorite all round tools for running my business. Gravity forms. I could explain plug-and-play solutions for different…

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