How to track marketing campaigns with MailChimp forms

By Katy Martin / October 12, 2015
How to track marketing campaigns, and webpage sign-up location with MailChimp forms - Tutorial by Web Designer Beauty School

Recently, I was talking with two different clients about tracking marketing campaigns. The first client was running a Facebook ad campaign. Facebook advertising does come with some tracking systems, but we found them a tad confusing, and needed some extra verification of the success of our campaign. The second client has a few different opt-in…

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The new Web Designer Beauty School course launches October 19. Will you be joining us?

By Katy Martin / October 5, 2015
The new Web Designer Beauty School course launches October 19.

Let’s quickly rewind 4 years… This time 4 years ago I quit my stressful corporate job and set out to build my own business, Tall Poppies Design. At that time, I happened upon a fabulous little course called the Girls Guide to Web Design (GG2WD). It changed my life! The brains and beauty behind the…

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How to Break Down a Responsive Website Design and Imagine How to Build it with Code

By Katy Martin / April 23, 2015
How to Break Down a Website Design

A member of our private support community had the opportunity to apply her developing coding skills while working with a web designer. Working with a website design can be tricky when it comes to breaking it down into actual code. Oftentimes you are presented with one page design, and you need to start out by…

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How to add back-to-top buttons that stick to the bottom corner of your website

By Katy Martin / April 6, 2015

In our private support community, Jasmine had a question: Does anyone know how to do those “back to top” buttons that float down with you as you scroll? Katy replied: Jasmine, we demonstrate how to do back-to-top buttons here in this video. Basically, these jump down, jump up, and jump around the page, and the…

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Brand new Web Designer Beauty School Website!

By Katy Martin / March 3, 2015
Announcing the new https://webdesignerbeautyschool.com website - Web Designer Beauty School, and Web Designer Support School

In early January 2015, we quietly released the brand new Web Designer Beauty School brand name and logo to our Web Designer Support School students in our thriving and vibrant Support School community on Facebook. We’ve been promising to launch the new site ever since, and it’s finally here (as you can see, since you…

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How to get content from your client (without tearing your hair out!)?

By Krista Smith / December 1, 2014
Web Designer Beauty School (Support School) Video Tutorial: How to get content from your client (without tearing your hair out!)?

Over in our Facebook group, Meg asked: Anyone have suggestions on how to get content from the client? How to get them to really think about what there site is about and the message they want out there for easy searchability. Krista replied: Strongly suggest a copywriter or business coach. Seriously though…investing the time in building…

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How to auto-magically make a Tweet when you highlight text in your website

By Katy Martin / November 10, 2014
How to make a tweet when I highlight text in my website - WebDesignerBeautySchool.com

Last week Lydia asked: “Hey! How do you make this magic happen? Becca has it set up so that any sentence can be instantly tweeted/shared. Any ideas?” …and she pointed us to a link on The Uncaged Life. Pop over to Becca’s site and test it out for yourself by highlighting any text in the…

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