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Over in the Web Designer Strategy Academy (which we’ll be opening for registration again very soon!), we’ve been pouring over our discovery process. We’ve been talking about tightening up everything from your contact form to your actual discovery questionnaire that you send to clients after they’ve accepted your proposal.

Today I’m sharing my own personal personal process for replying to an initial inquiry in my inbox.

I guarantee you’ll wow your clients right out of the gates by taking the time to develop your own version of this reply.

Whether it’s a referral from a past client, a lead I’ve been cultivating for some time on my newsletter list, or a relationship I’ve been building on social media, I want to make sure I make the right first impression.

My objectives in this first email back include:

  • hinting that I’m qualifying them to work with me
  • asking open-ended questions about their business to see how engaged and motivated they are (if I get a brief sentence answer, I might be able to discern that they’re NOT the best fit for me right now but if I get a well thought out paragraph, I’ll know to keep going!)
  • trying to learn more about what makes them unique and what they contribute to their industry
  • setting a clear order of events:
    • first, you answer these questions
    • then, we schedule a call to talk

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Krista Smith

Hi there, I’m Krista. I teach students how to design + code websites. I'm passionate about helping our students highlight their gifts, identify & attract their ideal client, create services that sell, and code happiness right into their business model in the Strategy Academy.

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